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All Write By Us

Current Projects

Now that you know a little about us, here you can find some projects that are "in the works". Though not all of our stories are represented this is a nice sample. As a group we are interested in writing - contempory, light sci-fi, romance, mystery, retellings, fantasy, stories with heavy issues, stories with swoony boys and sweet first kisses. Something you want to see, but don't here? Drop us an email and let us know.


A.M Rose


Pulled in Pieces
Close to Drowing
Road to Eugenica
Home or No Place Like It
I Hate Me - You Suck - My Life is Over


Debbie Green




Melanie Bailes


Crazy in Love
Happily Ever Dafter
Real Love
Love Letters
Poor Little Rich Kids
Triple Play - A Book for Grown-ups


Sue Stella O'Conner


A Sticky Situation
Trebled Times


Isabelle Felix


Water Down My Walls

186 Lies & Counting

Kiss Already




Everything YA all in one space.

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Debbie Green

Isabelle Felix
Sue Stella


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